Dr. Pepper for days
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I’m glad that I was able to meet everyone

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the-anonymous-being: a fnaf au where the animatronics are actually real animals so its like two really threatening things like a huge ass bear and a fuckin wolf, then you just have a bunny rabit and a chicken.


oh my god foxy is a fox tho, so that means the only really threatening thing is freddy


then bAM

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okay but apparently Adachi has a lighter in his pocket for Dojima

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I really like Openemu and I was so excited to play Okamiden. After 5 and a half hours I had beaten two bosses and completed almost three manifests

Openemu crashed, and I lost 4 hours and 15 minutes of progress

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Get to know me: [2/5] antagonists
↳ Kuroha

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Same, they always kill my grass types

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Sometimes I’m happy

and then I remember that my character is immortal and will lose all of the mortal people he ever cared about

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It’s strange how these people suddenly go full body-shaming and resort to just hurling insults at someone when said person disagrees with them. Let’s go over what Jon has recently said on twitter. First Tim Schafer posts an Anita Sarkeesian video, stating that everyone should watch it. Jon calls him out on it, makes jabs at Anita’s refusal to debate her points, and states that both genders are objectified in gaming. 

Jon then goes on to make several posts where he states that he supports women, and that he loves games where women kick ass (which he argues that there are plenty of). I would link to the posts in question, however they’ve mostly been deleted by now. Here is a screen taken by tumblr user bmann14k though.

So tumblr is throwing a shitfit over Jon saying that men are objectified in gaming too. Whether you agree with this or not is not the issue. Tumblr is absolutely demonizing Jon, calling him fat and a ‘neckbeard’ and all kinds of shit, shown above. If you disagree with someone’s opinion… you don’t have to throw a goddamn tantrum and shout insults over the internet. People are acting like he’s committed a fucking crime, for saying that simple phrase. 

You celebrities are not going to be perfect little angels for you. They are not going to believe everything that you do, they’re not going to think the same words you think are bad to be bad also. Get this through your heads. Jon never said that women weren’t objectified in gaming. He just said that men were objectified as well. If you agree or disagree, that’s your choice, but please act like a fucking adult and don’t act like someone is terrible just because they think differently than you.

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